April 26, 2018

When to Change AC Filters

wp-ac-filter-blogChanging your ac filters is easy!  If you’re worried about it being something you need to leave to the pros (and we are happy to do it), then there is no shame in your game!  But for those that know how to switch out those filters, the question becomes related to timing.  How often do you need to switch out your filters?

Standard time

Your standard filter that you go to pick up will give you a “recommended change time.”  But is this really a one-size-fits-all approach?  Not at all.  Your mileage may vary.  Though most say something along the lines of “every 60 days,” you need to find out other factors that go into that equation.


How many cats are in your home? If your answer was delayed because you had to stop to count, you are probably going to have to need to change out your filter much more often than your average home or apartment owner.  Consider changing out your filter about every 45 to 60 days at least!  Cats aren’t the only four-legged critter that can add some major clogging to your filter.  Dogs are also known to shed plenty of fur that will drift into your air and right into the vent.


Now, what if you have really bad allergies?  That affliction should turn you into a super-alert filter fanatic!  Always keep an eye on those filters.  When you have allergies, just waiting for your AC to flash that “Change filter” text is not good enough.  You need to become aware of how the air in your home can be a cause of the stuffiness of your face.

When to wait

There are a few situations when you can wait even longer than the recommended filter change.  Though rare these days, some people still live in areas where there just isn’t a lot of allergy pollution, air pollution or general pollution that really gets into their home.  If the living situation you’re in provides you with a home that doesn’t see much of any foot traffic (or paw traffic), then you can fudge the changeover time a tad.  Use your best judgement and, when in doubt, just check the filters yourself.

Wrapping up

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