April 26, 2018

Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

wp_staying_cool_Here’s a quick and friendly list of simple things you can do to stay cool this summer.

1) Wardrobe

One of the simplest things you can do to stay cool this summer is to take a look at what you wear.  Austin has hit 100 degrees recently on more than one or two occasions.  Think about that!  Now, compare that 100-degree weather with what you’ve been wearing.  Go ahead and take a gander into a mirror.  Are you still rocking long pants?  Why on Earth would you be doing that?  If you’re inside, why are you still wearing shoes?  And please don’t tell us you still have a hat on.  Just awful.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something a surprising amount of people miss.

2) Simple Home Changes

By simply taking five minutes on some easy tasks, you can give yourself a major boost when it comes to cooling off the inside of your home.  Shut the blinds, turn off lots of your lights and read a book instead of watching your giant television.  TVs these days are shooting off lots of heat.  If you’re one of those people that have a projector… well, yeah, that’s shooting tons of heat into your home as well.  Take a small step back from technology to be cool!  You’ll also be able to catch up on some reading or have some old-fashioned communication with loved ones.

3) You are what you eat!

Eating hot food during weather like this is the one-two punch.  One – you’re using appliances such as an oven that are going to make the inside of your home hotter.  Secondly, eating hot meals in hot weather is literally a recipe for more heat!  Make meals that only use food that doesn’t need heating up.  Think of a summer salad or other simple recipes that your body will thank you for.

…And an AC Tuneup!

You can have a heating and cooling company come out to make your old AC (or relatively new AC that hasn’t been maintained for a while) running perfectly.  You may not even know it, but your ac could be part of the problem when it comes to your home just not feeling quite as cool as the temperature you’ve selected indicated it should.

What do you think of our three tips today?  Let us know on our official Comfort Solutions Service Facebook page.  If you are in need of Austin cooling or Austin heating, let us know!