April 26, 2018

HVAC Manufacturers

Carrier Air Conditioning SystemsCarrier – Easily one of the best in the heating and cooling industry, the Carrier logo is a universal signal that the product you’re having installed is a high-quality system that should end up saving you money in bills sooner than you think.  One of the best parts about choosing a Carrier model from us is that you’re also supporting a company that believes in investing in environmentally-friendly projects and keeping the world a greener place.  You can’t beat that!  We typically recommend to our customers to choose Carrier as a go-to product for heating and cooling.

LLenox Air Conditioning Systemsenox – Lenox is rightfully proud of their complimentary product line that end up harmonizing to create a healthy and clean air conditioning scenario for your home.  Their convenient and simply-constructed variety of products allows an Austin AC company such as ourselves to come in and get their products installed at a relatively fast pace.  Their stylish offerings of fireplaces for your home might have your imagination spinning.  Equally functional as they are stylish, Lenox is a brand that you can trust.

Trane Air Conditioning SystemsTrane – Now officially in business for over 100 years, Trane offers reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling for your home or business.  Trane is notorious for their amazing all-in-one heating systems that not only look great in your home but also work perfectly.  Trane products come in all types because they know homeowners don’t all fit into one category.  They offer all-electric systems, gas/electric systems and they even let those that want to do their part to be eco-friendly and green to choose from their EarthWise Hybrid!  Let us know if you want Trane HVAC systems installed in your Austin home or commercial business today.

Goodman Air Conditioning SystemsGoodman – “Thank goodness for Goodman!”  Goodman’s slogan is a fitting one – this company has been in business since 1982.  With their out-of-this-world warranties on their products with a name you can trust, Goodman truly offers some of the best products in the HVAC world.  Goodman is always competitively priced for a company that has such a nice variety of energy-efficient HVAC products.  An added bonus is that Goodman has a technology factory right next door to Austin in Houston, Texas that produces their air conditioning and heating equipment.  Their slick and simple controls and thermostats that fully integrate into the Goodman experience is something that keeps people coming back to this popular brand.

Rheem Air Conditioning SystemsRheem – Rhemm’s products stand up to plenty of use.  That’s no surprise – their HVAC products are meant to be enjoyed without a whole lot of work required form those who enjoy it.  Their Comfort Control Systems are easy to navigate and become a seamless part of your home or business’ heating and cooling solutions.  Additionally, Rheem always finds ways to innovate in the performance department.  They guarantee that when the sun is burning up outdoors, your indoors will feel just fine!  Rheem is a great reminder that the performance of an Air Conditioning unit can sometimes be based on how low in maintenance it is!

Ruud Air Conditioning SystemsRuud – Rudd mainly focuses on their famous water heaters, but they also offer some great heating and cooling options for your home or business.  Some of their gas furnaces offer insanely high levels of energy efficiency and their other products tend to follow suit.  Their split-system home comfort systems that they’ve tweaked over time into very efficient models utilize both indoor and outdoor segments to bring your indoors maximum comfort throughout the year.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioning SystemsMitsubishi – Mitsubishi Electric offers very solid and reliable heating and cooling systems that go all the way up to 26 SEER.  A SEER rating that high means you’ll be saving big bucks in your Austin home or business when you choose to have us install this famous brand.  Their unique approach to heating is something that catches the eye of many customers looking for a brand that truly innovates in an industry that sometimes chooses to play it safe.  Get out of the mindset of thinking that Mitsubishi is a company that simply creates automobiles – they also make high-quality heating and cooling units.