April 26, 2018

How to Change AC Filters

ac-filter-blog-8-wpLast week we blogged about how often you should change your AC filters.  We dropped some knowledge about recommended change times and also how your personal situation could shift around that change time.  For this week’s blog, we’re going over how you can very easily change your AC filter!  Check it out.

Step 1

Open the door/gate to your ac.  Many times you must first unhook small knobs to open this gate.  It’s usually pretty simple, just be cautious when lowering the opening.  You’ll now be able to spot your filter, and it’s likely pretty dirty.

Step 2

Once open, gently remove your AC filter.  If you’re vent is on the ceiling, the filter will possibly fall out on its own.  Catch it.  Take a mental note of how you removed it or how it removed itself – you’ll need to replace it the exact same way.  Simple enough!

Step 3

Check the filter you removed.  If there is a measurement number listed on it, you’re in luck.  If you see, for example, 24×36 then jot that number down.  This is the size of filter you need to purchase to replace it.  In the potential event that you are not given numbers on the filter, you must measure it yourself.  Write down the exact numbers of height and width in inches. This might be the most important step!

Step 4

When purchasing your new filters, be aware of a few things: more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better but the cheapest option is something you need to usually avoid as well.  Many of the filters that are just a few bucks are not going to be worth your time.  Read all the features and labeling and don’t rush yourself when you do.

Step 5

With your new filters, place them into your unit the same way you pulled out the old filters and lock it up.

Step 6

Enjoy your fresher air and store what size your ac filter is for future purchasing.

If you need anything related to your Austin cooling, please let us know.  We’re proud to work right here in Texas and love finding the best solution to making your home, business or apartment as comfortable as possible.